Sheridan Early Childhood Center Program

The Littleton-South Metro Branch and Sheridan Early Childhood Center (ECC) Program have been working together since 2006 to provide book bags for preschoolers. Children who attend the program are from low-income families that often have limited access to appropriate literature in their homes. This project is an attempt to rotate a library of books through these homes for children and their parents to enjoy together.

The branch provides 10 book bags to 10 classrooms for a total of 100 bags! These book bags foster early reading experiences which is a critical service to the children. Children who have enjoyed books in preschool have an easier time learning to read in school. Children take home the book bags, and someone in their family or home reads to them and keeps track of time spent reading. When the book bags are returned, branch volunteers check in the bags and keep track of total hours of reading by classroom. When a classroom reaches 150 hours of reading there is a classroom party which consists of singing and storytelling, and then each child selects a book to keep. Branch members meet once a week to check the book bags and determine when a party is due.

Littleton-South Metro Branch members working on the Book Bag Program at the Sheridan Early Childhood Center

The Book Bag program at Sheridan ECC has recently started up again after a temporary shutdown due to COVID restrictions. The success of this program is dependent on branch involvement, either through volunteering, donation of books (new or used) or financial contributions. A belated thank you to everyone who has donated books, money or their time.  A special thanks goes to Nancy Benedict who donated many boxes of books from her own personal collection.

If you wish to volunteer or just find out more about the program, please contact Mary Ann Travis.